The Pittsburgh Penguins: a return to greatness

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The Pittsburgh Penguins have definitely returned to greatness. It is a number of factors that have brought them back; however, no one can disagree that the players have made the biggest contribution to their return.

One of these team members is Jiri Slegr. This defense-man always has his game under control. During his 252 career games he managed to score 24 goals along with 62 assists. Right by his side is the slick passer, Jan Hrdina. This unassuming player enjoyed being in the background while feeding the puck to fellow teammates. This guy has an untapped amount of potential and he is loaded with skill waiting to be exposed. Another Penguin, Dan LaCouture, played 137 games during three seasons. During his play he totaled 13 assists along with eight goals. LaCouture is always fun to watch as he flies up and down the ice.

The Penguins are also lucky to have Pascal Dupuis as a member of their team. After his trade with Marian Hossa, Dupuis took awhile to find his niche with the Penquins. Once he got going he was able to show his fantastic speed and work ethic.

There is no doubt that the Pittsburgh Penquins are just now taking their baby steps to reach the greatness they will eventually achieve.

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