Will Crosby ever be injury free for the Penguins?

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If Sidney Crosby were to retire today he would be a first ballot Hall of Famer. The “Second Coming of the Great One,” Crosby has lived up to the hype. Through seven seasons he has 223 goals and over 600 points. He has won a Stanley Cup, an Art Ross Trophy and a Hart Trophy. He has brought hockey to the masses, and along with Alexi Ovechkin, he has brought a rivalry (Penguins V. Capitals) that has made hockey a must watch sport. This all is even more impressive considering that he has lost nearly 140 games to concussions, including much of the last two seasons. When he is on the ice he is the best player in the league. Unfortunately for Penguins fans, he hasn’t been on the ice too much lately.
So the question remains: will Sidney Crosby ever be injury free? The honest answer is probably not. Concussions are the big topic in sports now a days and leagues nervous to let anyone with any sort of symptoms take the ice. There is a good chance that Crosby will miss games at various times throughout his career. With that said, Crosby is a beast when he is playing, meaning that he will continue being an asset for the Penguins. Considering that his teammate Evgeni Malkin is among the best in the league, there is no doubt that even a Crosby that plays 60 games a season can lead the team to a few more Cups.

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