Pittsburgh Pirates 2012-another steel city choke?

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If you are a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, May, June and July were arguably the best months you have had in the last twenty years or so. Not only were the Pirates playing good baseball, but they were looking like a team that was going to put decades of bad baseball behind them and make a run into the playoffs. Not only was the Wild Card a possibility, but the NL Central as well. While you didn’t want to get too excited, you just felt like this year was different. Unfortunately, like last year, the team has hit a skid and is now seriously in danger of missing the playoffs once again.
Since August 1st the Pirates have gone 13-24, including embarrassing series sweeps at the hands of the Padres, Cubs and Brewers. Suddenly the team is 12.5 behind the Reds for the division crown, and 2.5 games out of the Wild Card. While making the playoffs is not completely out of the question (they have 14 out of their last 22 games are against teams that are far below .500), they unfortunately look like a team that doesn’t have another run in them. A far more realistic goal may be to finish about .500 for the first time in 19 seasons, as they only need to win 10 more games to match that goal. While the team is definitely improved, you may have to wait one more season for a serious playoff run.

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