Why Clint Hurdle is the best thing for Pittsburgh

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When it comes down to it, you aren’t apt to get a lot of support from a fan base when you collapse down the final months of a pennant race two years in a row. Of course, when you are talking about a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates, the simple fact that you are in the pennant race after the All Star break is cause for celebration. Yes, the Pirates do not look good heading into the last month of the season; after several months of promise, they are sitting 2.Get more information here. ‘http://seatgeek.com/blog/mlb/major-league-baseball-tickets-2012′>http://seatgeek.com/blog/mlb/major-league-baseball-tickets-20125 games out of the Wild Card after going 2-8 in their last ten games. With that said, what Clint Hurdle has done in the last two years is get a team back into contention that hasn’t been there for almost two decades.
The Pittsburgh Pirates have not had a winning season since 1992. Yes, you read that right: George Bush I was still in office when the Pirates last won over 82 games. Two years after taking over the “worst” team of the last 20 years, Hurdle has gotten the team to a place where they could (should) reach a winning record this season. While you may have to wait another year for the playoffs, he is the first manager in a long time to have the team going in the right direction.

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